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S.NoCoin TypeRewardTimerPaymentLink
1LiteCoin850 Litoshi (changeable)5 secsInstantClick and Earn
2LiteCoinLucky Number Type 1 hourFew MintsClick and Earn
3BTC14 Satoshi (changeable)5 secsInstantClick and Earn
4DogeCoin0.29 Dogecoin (changeable)5 secsInstantClick and Earn
5ETH173 satoshi (changeable)5 secsInstantClick and Earn
6All CoinPrice level0 secInstantClick and Earn
7BTX34648 satoshi (changeable)5 secsInstantClick and Earn
8BTCClaim Up To 48 Satoshi10 mintsInstantClick and Earn
9BTC13 satoshi (changeable)5 mintsInstantClick and Earn
10DogeCoin0.35 Dogecoin1 mintsInstantClick and Earn
11Litecoin838 litoshi5 mintsInstantClick and Earn
12LitecoinClaim Up To 3250 litoshi10mintsInstantClick and Earn
13Litecoin6 litoshi per mint (automatic)1 hourInstant Every 1mintClick and Earn
14DogeCoin0.28 Dogecoin (changeable) 5 mintsInstant Click and Earn
15DogeCoinClaim Up To 1.08 DogeCoin 10mintsInstant Click and Earn
16DogeCoin210000 satoshi per mint (automatic) 1 hourInstant Every 1mint Click and Earn
17ETH Claim Up To 607gwei 10 mintsInstant Click and Earn
18ETH Claim 172 gwei 5mints Instant Click and Earn
19BCH Claim 91 Satoshi 5mints Instant Click and Earn
20DashClaim 316 dashies 5mints Instant Click and Earn
More sites will be soon

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